Greater NY Nursing Dots

About Us

We always include family in our care plan

Care is more than our job, it’s our calling.

We consistently recognize our duty to:

  • Patient and family
  • Greater NY caregiver
  • Referral source
  • Insurance carrier

By positioning our skilled team and company at the center, everyone becomes a beneficiary.


Greater NY Nursing Dots

Extending family life™

Greater NY Nursing brings and keeps high-acuity patients home.

Inspired to serve the entire family unit, we select our health professionals for their clinical skills and personal devotion.

Together, we ensure loved ones with medical complexities remain safely living, at home, with family, where they belong.

Some call it nursing. Others call it nurturing.
We call it Greater NY.

Our team is always held
to a Greater standard

Greater NY Nursing Dots

Critical is our calling

In a departure from the standard licensed home care model, we invest our efforts in the critically ill population. To this day, Greater NY Nursing champions care that directly contributes to the extension of life.

Greater NY Nursing Doctors
Greater NY Nursing Dots

Life made better

Our mission is to keep families together, especially in the face of medical adversity. This means bringing your loved one home, with the necessary care, so the entire family unit remains intact.

Greater NY Nursing Doctors
Greater NY Nursing Dots

Training with Care™

Our proprietary, evidence-based curriculum and training platform is designed to empower nurses for success in real-life situations. As with everything we do, our goal is to make great even Greater.

Greater NY Nursing Doctors

Great minds at work



Joseph Sofer President

The healthcare whisperer

Among Joseph’s many talents is his innate ability to develop solutions for the most complex patient cases. Such creativity, coupled with his 10+ years in the business, has helped propel Greater NY Nursing to a leadership position in the healthcare world.

As President, Joseph fulfills several roles including strategizing on existing and emerging programs, configuration of long-term company outlooks, anticipation of future challenges, and development of care-based solutions. He regularly collaborates with the senior management team to set goals and aspirations for the agency, ensuring its continued viability and growth. Joseph pioneered Greater NY’s Training with Care™ program—which is the most effective program of its kind —as another way that his company makes a Great nurse even Greater.
That notion of extending life, day in and day out, inspires Joseph’s extraordinary dedication and drive. In his own words, “There is nothing more motivating than the experience of speaking with families who fully expect to say goodbye to their loved ones—only to see their lives extended for many weeks, months, even years.”

At home, Joseph lives by the motto: make a difference every day. Beyond spending time with his precious family, he loves to pursue ongoing industry education and performs extensive charity work, providing aid for families of the hospitalized.

Joseph’s favorite quote:

Whoever saves one life,

saves the entire world.

Thomas Keneally


Chief Executive Officer

Sam Hauptman Chief Executive Officer

Guiding the Greater good

Sam, in his role as CEO at Greater NY ​Nursing, personifies the ideal of servant leadership: inspiring by example, empowering by action, and leading ​by ensuring his team has the resources they need to succeed.

Leveraging 25 years of experience in business and management, the majority of it in healthcare, Sam wields an impactful arsenal of ​insight and skill ​to steer Greater NY Nursing’s remarkable trajectory. He combines his passion for medical innovation with his drive for organizational efficiency to continually improve day-to-day operations, develop and deploy proactive management initiatives, and keeping true to the company mission of Extending family life™.

It is Sam’s lifelong belief in the value of family that gives his work meaning. When asked why he chose Greater NY Nursing as his corporate home, he says simply that no other healthcare entity wraps itself around the patient and their family quite like Greater NY.

Away from work, he escapes title and position to perform his favorite duties of husband and father. He also serves on the board of his community synagogue, regularly lends his expertise on healthcare issues, and often runs point on community events and projects.

Sam’s favorite quote:

A leader is best when people barely know he exists;

when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say:

We did it ourselves.

Lao Tzu


MSN/Director of Staff Development

Donna Rocks MSN/Director of Staff Development

Empowering through education

Donna’s story is one of lifelong dedication and transformation. Inspired to join the nursing profession at the young age of 12, she built a successful career in critical care before transitioning to community nursing, education, compliance, and leadership.

A natural-born educator and academic, she also serves as an adjunct professor at a local university. These proficiencies and accomplishments make her an instrumental part of the Greater NY Nursing family. Today, as Director of Staff Development, Donna draws on her vast healthcare knowledge and instructional expertise to develop and deliver training programs for new and existing staff.

When asked what she loves about Greater NY, Donna points to her colleagues and their culture of compassion: “When they ask, ‘How are you?’ they really take the time to listen to your response.” She enjoys working alongside the company’s devoted leadership, helping to identify future needs and make a difference with staff.

Outside of work, Donna is a true renaissance woman, enjoying running, yoga, reading, swimming, cross-country skiing, as well as leisurely walks on the beach. She also volunteers as a local learning leader and supports her community food drives.

Donna’s favorite quote:

The capacity to learn is a gift;

the ability to learn is a skill; 

the willingness to learn is a choice.

Brian Herbert