Feeding Tube Awareness Week for 500K Adults & Children

It’s Feeding Tube Awareness Week, highlighting the half a million adults and children in the US who rely on feeding tubes. There are over 350 conditions and diseases that require tube feeding.

The following are 4 Tips for Nurses on how to provide the most compassionate and comfortable care for a patient who requires a feeding tube:

Be supportive – When patients can’t eat normally, they may miss the taste of food or going out to a restaurant. It’s important to discuss their feelings and encourage them to still go out and be social. Research shows that relationships with friends and family are still essential for good mental and physical health.

Be gentle – Being gentle during cleanings or flushings is extremely important to reduce any patient trauma. Greater NY Nursing provides our nurses with specialized training through our Training with Care ™ evidence-based curriculum and training platform designed to empower nurses for success in real-life situations.

Communicate – A patient with a feeding tube may feel uneasy about cleanings or overall care of their tube. Be sure to describe every step of care to put them at ease through the process.

Be active together – It’s important that your patient is staying in good physical and emotional health. Patients can still participate in most activities even with a feeding tube. Running or walking are great activities to do together, stay active and form a good rapport.

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