An increasing number of people in the US are choosing to be cared for by specialized RNs in their homes rather than stay in the hospital. According to Forbes, “The Home Care Providers industry is among the fastest-growing healthcare industries in the United States,” with a strong and steady revenue growth expected for the industry over the next five years.

The following are the 6 benefits of acute nursing care at home:

More convenient and less stressful testing With today’s medical and technological advances, X-rays, bloodwork, and many treatments may be less stressful if the tests are conducted at home.

Comfort – Staying at home with family can make a vital difference for most patients and can be invaluable if you’d like them to be involved in treatment decisions. In addition, it’s much easier to get better sleep at home, which can aid in overall recovery.

Reduced risk of contracting other illnesses – Hospitals are filled with many chronically ill patients, so living among these individuals may increase the risk of contracting other infections that can lead to complications and a longer hospital stay.

Improvements in mental and physical wellbeing Acute care patients are more physically active at home and are proven to suffer less anxiety. In addition, there is a reduced chance of having to go to the hospital ER or being readmitted to the hospital.

Decrease in an exhausted healthcare system – Acute nursing care at home can lessen the overload of patients visiting the hospital and free up space for other patients with severe illnesses, curbing burnout for hospital staff.

Constant attention – At-home care ensures that a patient has constant 24/7 medical attention, which is not always guaranteed in the hospital.

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