March is National Nutrition Month and an important time to highlight home enteral feeding or tube feeding, which is used when oral consumption isn’t possible. When a patient is unable to eat due to decreased appetite, illness, difficulties in swallowing, or some type of surgery that interferes with eating – nutrition must be supplied in a different way. With enteral feeding, nutrients are administered through the small intestine or the stomach via a tube.

What is tube feeding?

Tube feeding is a special liquid food mixture containing protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, given through a tube inserted in the stomach or small intestine.

Benefits of Tube Feeding:

Improves energy and strength. More calories mean more energy and taking in more protein can increase energy levels. This may also improve muscle tone and physical strength.

Weight gain. Enteral feeding provides the body with the number of nutrients needed on a daily basis. This can be extremely important for those living with an illness or disease since they may be more vulnerable to poor health due to treatment responses.

Boosts the immune system. Since the gut is part of the immune system, good nutrition can lead to an enhanced immune system.


*The use of enteral feeding is rapidly increasing in the US due to a growing geriatric population, chronic diseases, premature births, etc.

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